HL120CNR Black and red crest


The crest was in use in every army of the antiquity. It made the warrior greater, more impressive, but also was used to recognize leaders and units, especially in the roman army.

Made of horsehair, with a wooden basis. This helmet needs a crest holder HL120FCC or HL120FCL to be fixed on the helmet. A small leather strap is used to avoid it shaking when the wearers moves. Fits with the imperial Gallic types HL120, HL122, HL139.

Black and red horsehair.

× These crests may equip : - imperial gallic F, G, H helmets using the HL120FCC or HL120FCL crest holders, - imperial italic B, C, D helmets using the HL120FCI crest holder. Any other use will lead to some adaptation work on your side.