Your personal data are being processed along french data protection laws only. The following instructions will only inform you on the form, range, purpose, processing and use of personal data. This declaration of data privacy does only apply to the websites of ARMAE SAS. If you are being forwarded to another site, please check its privacy policy.

Clients data and their use

Your personal data is used to fulfill the contract between ARMAE SAS and you, as the customer. We need name and adress to ship the ordered articles to your doorstep and need to forward them to the shipping company in order for them to find you. We also need to know your e-mail and phone number for the same reason.

We may use your personal data to register another order for you, if you instruct us to do so per e-mail or phone, to avoid you to fill out the full order form.

We also use your name (or pseudonym) to get back to you when a missing article is available again, if you asked us to do so.

We do not keep your credit card data, as we use a 3D secure payment protocol.

We keep trace of your consent pertaining to our privacy policy (time, IP adress you used when you gave this consent).

We can, and will, not pass your personal data to any other third company or person.

After the contracts fulfill, the data is being locked for further purposes. The data is being erased after the tax- and trade relevant time period. The advantage is that you may ask for a copy of your invoice during this time period.


We do not send any newsletter at the moment.

Right of access to and rectification of your individual data

You have the right to disclosure on all stored information concerning your personal data. You may also ask to have those data erased (except the ones we have to keep for legal purposes). 

To use this right, please send us a letter at our office, with your name, address, e-mail, and the order number(s) registered at our company, with your demand. The e-mail shall match the one used at the order time. If not, please send a copy of your ID, which address must be the delivery or invoicing address. Sorry about these restrictions, but we do not want to send any information about you to someone else. We will forward you the asked information per e-mail.

Armae SAS is the only company processing your personal data. Mr Christophe Vaginay-Darnetz is the data protection officer.

Information on cookies

We use cookies to optimize our web appearance. Cookies are small information data, which are being stored on your computer. The long-term cookies are stored on your computer and used to fill in your data in future visits. They allow a faster connection to our website, and avoid you to have to tip again all your personal data when filling out a form.

We also use cookies for statistical purposes, such as counting page’s visitors number. Our goal is to improve the navigation on our website and offer a better service. We also use a cookie to allow you to see if you have or not liked our page on Facebook.

You can block the storage of cookies on your computer by checking the browser settings "block cookies" on your hard drive. This may lead to a limited visibility of our offers on your computer, and to less navigation comfort.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analyst service of the Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses so called "Cookies"; text data, which are being stored on your hard drive and which provides an analysis of the website for you.

The cookies generated information about your websites visiting habits (including your IP-address) are being sent to Google Inc. and are stored on a server of Google Inc.

Google Inc. is using this information to evaluate your browsing habits and to generate reports on your activities for us, as a website provider, and to generate information for future website uses and future services.

Google will transfer these information to third parties if necessary, but only if law dictates so or if the third party will work with this data on Googles behalf. Google will not (under no circumstances) link your IP adress to any other data stored at Google. It is possible for you to block the function of cookies on your own computer at all times; just be aware, that this could block the complete visibility of our website and you could have limited access to the information available.

By using our website you agree with the data receiving of Google Inc. as explained above.