applicable from 2020-01-01

1) Prices

All our prices include french VAT, shipping costs have to be added.

A 20% discount may be granted if more than 5 identical items are ordered. This discount does not apply to
- items of the miscelleanous section,
- items which price is less than 45€
- items sold by 5 or more pieces,
- special offers,
- napoleonic helmets and headgear,
- uniform and clothes
- muskets,
- tempered steel swords and rapiers,
- napoleonic swords and 19th 20th cent swords,
- WWII and WWII replicas,
- armors made on measurements,
- tents,
- Embroidery and plumes..

Orders of more than 3.000€ are shipping costs free (EEC only, tents excepted). For order of more than 5000€, you receive an extra 10% discount on each item, excepted the ones already having a 20% discount, due to the quantity ordered.

The customer shall get in touch with Armae before paying the order to get theses discounts.

Special conditions apply to re-enactment groups and RAT member. Just contact us.

No discount can be applied on an item already discounted.

You may pay with a credit card or a bank transfer. Credit card payment may be not available in some countries outside EEC.

2) Goods sold

The items are sold as shown and described on our website. Due to the handcrafting, small differences may appear, though.

Thee items are artistical copies, and may not be exactly the same than the original ones they resemble to. These small differences are intended to allow the experts to mak e the differences between the original ones and our copies.

All the helmets are sold without internal padding.

All the weapons are non functional, except the fencing swords and rapiers, which are especially described as such (see the guarantee in the appropriate section).

The muskets cannot fire, for the hole of the chamber is not drilled.They are not proofed for blackpowder shooting. The firing mechanism is perfectly functional, though. Using tehm for blackpowder shooting is made under the responsability of the buyer. Please not that in most countries, these musket have to be proofed before use. These muskets are free to sell and possess in France.

The iron helmets, weapon and armor are slightly greased to prevent corrosion, but are not made of stainless steel (unless otherwise written).

All our items are serial products, and are therfore all identical. If you have a special need, please contact us, for we may have your special order made nevertheless.

3) Ordering

Orders ares fixed by paying the full amount for the items, except for special orders or articles made on measurement higher than 500€, for which an advance payment at least equal to 50% of the value of the full order is asked. We advise our customers to contact us before ordering to check disponibility and delays before fixing the order. We do not accept any bank draft from a foreign bank.

If the sending is postponed by more than 30 days compared to the date told, you can ask for reimbursment, too, due to the same regulation.

Producing time of an item which is not available is about 3/4 monthes.

The goods are sent only after full payment.

Cancellation of an order leads to a 40€ charge for catalogue articles. This amount is fixed to 50% of the order's value for special orders and articles made on measurement.

5) Revocation

The revocation period is one month with effect from the day on which you or a third party nominated by you, which is not the carrier, had taken possession of the last part or the last unit product of your order. In order to exercise your revocation right, you must inform us of your decision to revoke the contract by means of a clear declaration (e.g. a letter sent via post, fax or email).

If you revoke the contract, we shall repay all the payments, which we received from you, including the delivery costs (with the exception of additional costs, which arise from that fact that you selected a form of delivery other than the most reasonable standard delivery offered by us), immediately and at the latest within fourteen days from the day on which we received the notification about the revocation of this contract from you. You will not be charged any fees owing to this repayment by us (but your bank may charge you if your account is not in euros).

You must return or transfer the products to us immediately and, in any case, at the latest within fourteen days with effect from the day on which you inform us of the revocation of this contract. We will refuse the repayment until the products are returned to us, or if they are returned after the fourteen days period. The products travel at your own risks, so we strongly suggest you to send them insured and in registered mail. 

You bear the direct costs for returning the products.

You must pay for any depreciation of the products or its package only if this depreciation can be attributed to any handling with you that was not necessary for checking the condition, features and functionality of the products.

This revocation right is granted only to natural person who concludes a legal transaction which, to an overwhelming extent, cannot be attributed to either his commercial or independent professional activities.

The revocation right is not granted for delivery of products, which are not prefabricated and for whose manufacturing an individual selection or stipulation by the consumer is important or which are clearly tailored to the personal requirements of the consumer as for example items made on measurement, of special colors or special size.

4) Shipping costs

Shipping costs depends on weight and volume, and have to be asked for specially. When several items are ordered, the price is lower than the one which applies for the separate items.

The items are send trough the french postal service, or a private company, and are all fully insured. Delivery time is about 5/10 days outside France in the EEC. We may send in express service, but the prices are much more higher.

The goods are send under Armae Responsability unless :

1) The buyer fails to refuse any damaged or bent parcel. In this case, no claim may be made against Armae.
2) The buyer fails to track down the parcel using the tracking informations sent by ARMAE, and get back to ARMAE within 15 days (delivery in Europe) or 25 days (other countries). In this case, no claim may be made against Armae.
3) They goods ordered are not free to import in the buyer's country, and are withholded by the country's authorities. Any losses or return costs supported by armae if the goods are not admitted to enter his country will be charged.

5) Information

Please do send us an e-mail adress when ordering. Customers having registered an e-mail adress will receive an e-mail when the order is registered, and about to be sent. The buyer shall chack that his spam filter do not withold these messages.

6) Late payments

By paying later than the agreed term, the customer will be charged by an amount calculated on the basis of 1.5 x the french legal rate. A 40€ fine is added to the amount. No discount will be given for imediate payment.

7) Invoicing

Every sending has an invoice.The invoice is ON the package, not in it. Beware not to throw it away.

8) Guarantee

The guarantee given by Armae is the french legal one. The buyer has a 2 years delay to place a claim in case the product is not conform. The product may in this case be repaired or replaced, at the customer's choice (french L211-4 code de la consommation). He may also place a claim based on the 1641 article of the french civil code.

9) Returned goods

As an EEC customer, you may send back the received goods within 14 days. No special reason has to be given. We will then send you the cash back within 30 days (most of the time far sooner !). You MUST send back the items using a company which delivers the goods in international priority, a signature being asked before remittance AND put a note in the parcel with your bank connections (IBAN AND SWIFT), the order number, the invoice number and explaining you ask for a refund. Beware the account owner name MUST be the same than the one on the invoice.

The adress to be used is our warehouse one :
Chemin Laulagnier
26740 Saint-Marcel-les-Sauzet

10) Warning

The selling terms written in french are the official terms of the company. Please refer to the french version for official or legal purposes.

Chemin Laulagnier
26740 St Marcel les Sauzet

33 4 26 46 73 10 (commercial service)
33 6 60 31 65 05 (mobile phone) 
33 4 78 39 11 82 (fax) 

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