HL241 Late medieval closed helmet


This kind of helmet is often associated with the middle-age and the chivalry, but it is typical from the 16th century instead.

Our replica is fully articulated. The face can be totally opened, allowing to put the helmet on. Once closed the upper part of the visor can be lifted, allowing the wearer to have a better view of the battlefield. The medium and upper part may also be lifted together, uncovering the face of the warrior. The peg holding the pieces in place can be moved by pressing a button just below. The plates protecting the neck are fully articulated also, and an strap fix the helmet tight to the head. This replica can be weared (inner dimensions are 18x21cm), but is quite heavy, more than 4kg.

Made of steel, 1mm to 1,2mm thick.

× All the helmets - unless otherwise specified - come without internal padding.