MM227 Medieval 3-Piece Cutlery Set, with its leather pouch


This hand-forged set of medieval cutlery is composed of a knife, a two-pronged fork and a spoon. It cpomes with it leather pouch for easy transportation.

Knife: approx. 17.5 cm / 35 g
Fork: approx. 15 cm / 30 g
Spoon: approx. 16 cm / 45 g
Total weight (incl. pouch): approx. 170 g

× All these cooking accessories are accurate copies of historical artefacts. They may be used, but they do not meet the european standarts for cooking and eating devices. The tinned items may contain small quantities of lead, and the copper based alloys are slightly toxic (we know that now.. but they did not in the middle age and antiquity).