MQ120 Flintlock pistol, An IX type, non firing replica


Bonaparte asked in 1800 a committee made of artillerymen and weapon's factories' engineers to conceive a new pistol. The old kinds, as the 1763-1766 one, were in fact too delicate for military duty. The an IX pistol was born... Introduced in 1801 this famous pistol graced the holsters of Napoleon's cavalry at the height of the 1st Empire. In battle this pistol was used both for volley fire and close quarter fighting with other cavalry. As well it proved useful in inflicting harm on packed enemy infantry defensive squares. While another, lighter pistol began to be manufactured in 1807, the "AN IX" pistol continued to be used in Napoleon's cavalry until the end of the Empire in 1815.

Shorter than the old ones, his length is 352 mm, his weight 1.290kg, has a 17.1mm caliber (7 lines 7 points), the barrel is 201mm long. Note the shape of the grip, which ends with a brass piece, in order to allow the gun to be used as a kind of truncheon, when shot. 66.000 pieces were produced between 1801 and 1807.

The steel used in the barrel is made of tempered seamless modern steel (type:BS970 no.080M40) with a threaded breech plug. The breech area of the barrel possesses the historic model markings and the controller/inspector stamps. The frizzen cover is case hardened

× Our copies are absolutely true to the originals : size, weight, marks... The firing mechanisms are totally functional (the flint is not provided with the gun, though). The barrel is made of carbon steel (type:BS970 no.080M40). Being non functional replicas of black powder weapons, our muskets and guns are free to buy and possess in most countries. They either are classified as decorative items or allowed weapons, but you have to check the point in your own country, to be sure not to contravene any law, and that you are free to import and buy them. The vent has not been drilled on our weapons. They are therefore not usable, even if the firing mechanism is perfectly functional. Drilling the hole may change the classification of the item, for it becomes theoritically usable, and you may have to check if the regulations of your country allow it. Our weapons are not proofed for blackpowder firing. If you choose to drill the hole, after having checked that the local law allows you to do this, you must have the weapon proofed before firing any bullet or munition. We cannot give any guarantee against the damages your musket may suffer during the proofing test. Please remember this warning : never use a blackpowder gun which has not been proofed for firing a bullet (or anything else, by the way). Never use blackpowder without proper advising.