SW166 Durnacos sword, Tene D gallic sword


This sword is made after the one found in Feurs (tomb S5), but many similar swords have been found during Alesia excavations, and also other Late Tene archeological sites such as Ville-sur Retouren (north of France). This is a typical weapon of the end of the gallic independance, with its scadder scabbard.

Its name comes from an Alloborge warrior of the 1st cent BC (name meaning the one who has a though grip). This weapon was born from a a cooperation between Durnacos Nertomari, head of the Mediomatrici gallic reenactment group, and Armae. He was the one who launched the project for this sword a long time ago, and we had it made !

Blade ans scabbard made of steel. Grip in wood. Length 84cm (blade 66cm). Sword's weight 840g. Scabbard weight 660g.

× All these weapons have steel or bronze blades, but are not intended for fencing, unless otherwise specified.