SW585 Chasseur a cheval officer sword, imperial guard


This saber is made after a saber to be seen in the Musée de l'Emperi, in France, and was carried by an officer in the chasseur a cheval of the imperial guard. Its design is a typical consulate one, but this pattern seems to appear later, after Napoleon's crowning. The hilt is outstandingly decorated with Minerve and lion's heads, and the blade is blued and gilded. The back of the blade is engraved with a gilded « Chasseur à cheval de la Garde Impériale ». The scabbard is also exquisitely decorated and engraved.

Length 99cm, blade 85cm, weight 1kg

× These swords and sabers are high quality copies. Blades are made of forged and tempered steel. They might not be used for fencing, though.