SW591 - Sword of honor, heavy cavalry officer


This magnificent sword is a copy of the sword of Honor given by Napoleon to the Captain Blancard as an officer of the 11th regiment of heavy cavalry. He will fight with this sword during his whole career, and will be granted the title of Baron, at the end of ne napoleonic era.

Swords of honor were quite different from the regular ones. The guard was made of silver, exquisitely decorated, as was the scabbard, which was also engreaved, dedicated to its owner. Our copy matches exactly the real one, except for two things : the hilt is not massive silver, but nickel plated, and the scabbard is also nickel plated. The marks of the inspectors (Mouton and Levavasseur) are faithfully reproduced on the blade, as are the markings on the scabbard.

The length of the saber is 109 cm, its weight is 1,250kg.

× These swords and sabers are high quality copies. Blades are made of forged and tempered steel. They might not be used for fencing, though.