TNT433 - Low round tent, 4m


This round 4m diameter tent offers ample space for 3 to 4 occupants and their gear. With a generous height of 2.50 m, this tent even allows rangy fellows to stand upright. As the long side fully opens up and converts into an awning, the customers are granted full view of the interior and remain protected from sun and rain. This is not an historical tent, though, and it is better suited for medieval markets or LARP events.
The 425 g/m2 thick canvas is particularly robust, waterproofed and treated against mildew and mold. The sectional poles allow for compact transport, even in smaller vehicles (one central pole, one pole for the entrance). This medieval tent / market stall is shipped in one packages. Delivery includes all accessories, i.e. tent pegs, cotton guy-ropes and tensioners.

We would like to point out that our tents are pure cotton products sewn by hand. The indicated dimensions and weights may thus vary by up to 10%.

- Dimensions: approx. 4.00 m x 2.50 m
- Height: approx. 2.50 m
- Weight: approx. 21 kg

× Our tents have been created for those who want an historical looking tent, but who do not want to spend too much money on a 100% accurate one. Poles are made of iron, unless said otherwise. The possible waterproofing treatment is to be renewed every two years, or after heavy rains.You can prolong the life of your tent and enjoy its use for a further long time by observing the following precautions: - Do not overstretch the ropes, for natural materials such as wood or cotton alter under the influence of air humidity and need space to contract and expand. - You may thus avoid e.g. that the roof holes for the poles get distended and ultimately facilitate water ingress. - We recommend slightly slackening the ropes in the evening, for air humidity considerably rises at night and may increase the risk of excessive stress exerted on your tent. The ropes should also be somewhat slackened in rain or high atmospheric humidity. - If the tent has been exposed to humidity, we strongly advise you to dry it after use, as it is otherwise likely to mould. - Do not, on any account, use detergents or any other cleaning products to clean your tent. The best way to remove dried out dirt is to use a brush. - As for the storage of your tent over an extended period of time, please separate all accessories (pegs, ropes, etc.) from the tent itself and preferably pack everything separately. Make sure that all items are dry and stored in a dry place.