WW300 Mauser K98


The K98K bolt action Mauser rifle is the shorter version of the Gewehr 1898, made by Mauser for the German army. The Carbine already existed during WW1 (K98A), but definitively replaced the longer Gewehr during the 30ties. Its high energy round (8/57JS), and its toughness explain why it remained so long in use. The magazine has a 5 rounds capacity.

Weight 2,9kg. Metal and wood. Breech can be manipulated, magazine is removable. A fine replica for a reenactment show.

× Our WWII replicas are intended for decoration an reenactment only. Triggers and breeches may be operated, but the replica cannot be modified in any way for firing. Please remember that, even if the replicas are only decorative, they are looking like real weapons, which will lead people seing them, especially security forces, to react accordingly.