× All our japanese katanas have sharp blades. The owner has therefore to be extremly careful when using them, especially when drawing the blade out, to avoid injuries.
Photo article SW816
SW816 Katana Kyouteki, cutting
119 €
Photo article SW817
SW817 Katana Seigi
10 weeks
249 €
Photo article SW818
SW818 Katana Maru, Saya bois naturel
139 €
Photo article SW819
SW819 Katana Maru, Tsuka ito rouge
10 weeks
139 €
Photo article SW711
SW711 Katana Batto
349 €
Photo article SW712
SW712 Wakizashi Batto
12 weeks
269 €
Photo article SW714
SW714 Tai-chi sword
12 weeks
199 €