Modern time

× Our WWII replicas are intended for decoration an reenactment only. Triggers and breeches may be operated, but the replica cannot be modified in any way for firing. Please remember that, even if the replicas are only decorative, they are looking like real weapons, which will lead people seing them, especially security forces, to react accordingly.
Photo article WW300
WW300 Mauser K98
10 weeks
189 €
Photo article WW301
WW301 MP40 submachine
179 €
Photo article WW303
WW303 MP41 submachine
10 weeks
149 €
Photo article WW306
WW306 Sturmgewehr 44
189 €
Photo article WW302
WW302 MG34
10 weeks
399 €
Photo article WW310
WW310 C96 wooden
64 €
Photo article WW312
WW312 Luger P08 wooden
89 €
Photo article WW313
WW313 Walther P38
8 weeks
54 €